About Me

Lee Bell BSc (Hons), PGCE, MSc

I’ve been into fitness for as long as I can remember, getting my first job in a gym at 14 as a volunteer.

When I left school I enrolled to do a sport science degree at Sheffield Hallam University. And once I’d graduated I got a job as an instructor at a gym built within a tennis academy.

Working as a personal trainer

After a couple of years I decided to get my personal trainer certification and move into one-to-one training. Because of the type of gym I was working out of, I also got involved in athlete performance training too, helping technical coaches build great performers that were injury free and optimally conditioned.

A few years later I realised that my favorite part of coaching wasn’t delivering sessions to clients. Instead, I was more interested in the underpinning mechanisms and education of physiology.

Moving into teaching

Once I realised that my heart was in education I went back to university, did a teaching degree and started delivering personal trainer qualifications as a lead tutor.

I also managed to get consultancy lecturing work in colleges and universities too.

In 2011 I went back to university again and completed an MSc in exercise physiology – more out of interest than necessity.

Setting up as a consultant lecturer and writer

This led to me setting up my own consultancy business – currently called the Muscle Mechanic Consultancy – delivering lecturing, speaking, writing and coaching.

As part of that business I spend a lot of time writing articles for T Nation, Muscle and Strength, EliteFTS and other high profile fitness websites. I also deliver lectures to personal trainers and sport science students on topics based around physiology and strength and conditioning.

Currently, I work as a lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, delivering on modules relating to physiology, nutrition and strength and conditioning. I’m also underway with a PhD in overreaching in strength sports at the same institution.

In 2017 I set up another business called TRA Performance Education with my good friend Dr Paul Rimmer. The purpose of TRA is to organise seminars and educational events for coaches and trainers, delivered by some of the best fitness coaches in the world.